How to Buy Sculpture Directly from Carole Murphy

Three ways:

  1. Website Purchase - One way to purchase art directly from Carole’s is through the website.
    1. Simply pick out the desired sculpture.
    2. Inquire through email or phone as to its availability and location (some artwork will be in various galleries or shows or might have been purchased recently.)
    3. Inquire about the price.
    4. Payments can be made through PayPal or by check or credit card.
  2. Studio Tour / Visit - Carole would be pleased to set up a time to meet with you in her studio. Since she lives a varied life, including showing her art in various venues – galleries, shows, etc., - it is best to make an appointment rather than to simply show up at her studio.
    1. Call or email to arrange an agreed upon time. 503 235 7233 or
    2. Come to the studio and not only enjoy the art but get a personal glimpse of the processes, even see some works in progress that no one else has seen!
  3. Commissions - Here are the steps for commissioning a sculpture directly.
    1. Call or email about what you are hoping to have created. See if it is something that she can and has time to make for you.
    2. Agree on a price for the sculpture.
    3. Payment for the sculpture is done in one of two ways depending on the artist and the piece: 1) One third in the beginning, one third in the middle and one third upon completion. 2) One half in the beginning and one half upon completion. (An artist usually asks for one half upfront if the materials are going to be expensive such as a bronze.)
    4. Before work begins, a contract is drawn up that addresses what is to be made, what the price is, what the payment schedule is, and the date of the three stages of work – beginning, middle and completion.
    5. The contract is signed by both parties and each gets a signed copy.
      An example of a contract can be found here: SAMPLE CONTRACT