Awakening your Creative Self: A Creativity Workshop

Together, Jane Wolfe, renowned Improvisational teacher and artist, and Carole Murphy, nationally known Sculptor and teacher, combine their abilities, inviting you to join them in awakening your own creative spirit.

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Jane and Carole offer workshops where your creative spirit will awaken and learn to thrive through movement, sound, and visualization exercises, helping you to dive deeply into your soul’s expression.

This three-day workshop introduces you to or re-establishes your connection with your right brain and brings the creative spirit forward. We all have the innate capacity to create, and creativity goes beyond the arts to include how we make choices and live our lives. By connecting to your creative wisdom, you will find a doorway to further discover what is possible for yourself. As you integrate this experience, you will find yourself awakening new levels of spontaneity, playfulness and joy.

Learning to establish your own safe haven allowing the creative process to grow. Establish your own safe haven and allow the creative process to grow.

Move beyond the fear that prevents you from being and living all that you are. This workshop provides opportunities to go within for renewal, insight, and inspiration; communicate with your deepest self and explore new ways of being known. Using the visual arts, experiential activities, sound, and movement, you will access your intuitive wisdom and imagination.

As a group, we are witnesses to each other's journeys, supporting and encouraging each other as we create an atmosphere that is caring, non-hierarchical, and non-judgmental. All are seen, heard, respected and valued. We respect and honor the transformational process that allows the creative voice to emerge. As we explore our creative essence, access to a world where personal images can emerge from deep within.

If you are a painter, sculptor, writer or simply a person that longs to find your creative side, come join us as we celebrate the wisdom within. Nourish yourself and rekindle your ability to play and create. Embrace the possibilities!