Artist Statement

Starting with realistic figurative works, my work took a turn when I moved to the NW and it continues to stretch into the abstract. Many times I am not aware of the totality of the sculpture, nor where I am traveling to, until I arrive. In allowing it to take me to where it wants me to go, I am able to find a deeper expression.

Years ago, I had a dream that I was sculpting and after a while I turned and realized I had an audience. I reached for the hand of the closest one and that person held the hand of the next and that person held the hand of the next and so on, until we were all connected, then we traveled down into the piece, touching upon its underlying nature.

In creating these sculptures, my view and understanding is expanded and deepened. Sculpting gives me voice, aligns me with my path and brings me home. My intention is to take others to where I have traveled in hopes that the work will touch them as it touches me.